Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base

Hey my loves!

summer is finally here!!! Its been really hot in the UK past few weeks. OMG!! in this heat my tip is to AVOID going heavy on make-up and keep it simple but that’s impossible for any make-up obsessed person just like myself.

But lately I have been keeping my skin simple with my favourite moisturiser the Bobbi Brown vitamin Enriched Face Base, its meant to both a primer and Moisturiser. As a moisturiser it is very nourishing and makes my skin feel super smooth almost giving my face a plump up. As a primer it allows a beautiful make-up application and definitely extends the wear time of face make-up. But what I love most about this is that it gives this beautiful sheer glow to your skin and with its oil free formula doesn’t leave my skin looking greasy. Instead leaves it looking hydrated, fresher and brighter .

It contains an impressive trio of shea butter, Vitamin E and C. It is the easiest solution to keep moisturised, softer and protected against anti-aging. When you first take some product on to your hands, it feels like very heavy  product but once you work it on to your face it feel light as a feather.

It has this rich grapefruit scent which disappears once you apply. If your sensitive to scent than this might not be for you but I like the fresh and tropical scent.