Say Goodbye to Dry Skin with Liquid Gold

Hey guys!

Beauty oils have lately been the new Instagram trend….But if you naturally suffer from dry skin  like myself then this Magical oil is going to change your life. Its going to make your skin softer, hydrated and luminous.

At first I was abit sceptical to use this oil because I suffer from acne and was afraid of a breakout. But I was left surprised, not only did it make my skin flourish with radiance but it healed deep acne scaring.

I sometimes use this as moisturiser at night time specially when the next day I’m up for some natural dewy glam.  I also add few drops to my foundation to give myself that extra glow but what I love most about this oil is that it doesn’t leave a greasy sheen.  If i’m using a matte lipstick that will make my lips  which some do!…. I’ll apply few drops onto my lips and gently massage in circular motions before applying lipstick. It leaves my lips looking moisturised and flawless all day just like my skin. 

Its definitely worth a try!!.