Huda Beauty highlighter 3D

Hey my loves!

Ever wished to have that stuble highlight that is spotted from miles away?… look no further. Thanks to Huda kattan, the queen of Makeup and her 3D highlighter palette you can literally make your cheekbones glow as if you have just fallen into a tub of sparkles…..

The Huda beauty 3D highlighter palette is not like your any other highlighter palette, its just unique. OH MY DAYS!!!  the packaging itself is just unbelievable,  Huda’s highlighter on the palette cover is glowing, so can you imagine the illumination that it will bring to your face! (Ahhh Exciting)

The 3D highlight palette comes in two edition, Pink sands edition which is for fair to meduim skin tone and Golden sands edition is which more for medium to darker skin tones.

Each 3D highlight Palette comes with 4 shade. The “prep shade” is the melted strobe cream which is designed to amplify the glow. The “set shade” is the a powder highlighter that enhances the melted cream and makes your cheek simply pop!. The “sculpt shade” is applied under the cheekbone to give your cheek a 3D dimension and finally “flush shade” is applied onto the apples of the cheeks for a natural glow.

For a girl like who loves to glow! this palette is perfect and I absolutely love it because the highlighters are not shimmer or glitter but beautifully sheer.