Has Marc Jacobs found the solution to foundation wear time ?

Hi guys! SOOO ….. there is nothing more disappointing than doing your flawless makeup only to have it last for only few hours or see it cracking up into your smile lines.

Marc Jacobs coconut primer could be the ultimate solution to creating a smooth, clean canvas for your foundation to last longer !! … This primer contains five coconut ingredients which claims to create a rich vitamin barrier between your skin and makeup. I adore this primer, when applied it gives you this refreshing feeling to your skin and unlike other primers it doesn’t feel heavy . It just melts onto your skin giving a dewy finish to your skin. LOVE IT!!!

It comes in the Marc Jacobs sleek glass bottle with a pump dispenser. It’s a liquid primer so it’s ideal for normal to dry skin. It’s certainly worth a try because it raises your makeup game by enhancing the wear time and makeup application leaving you with a luminous glowing skin.