Perfect DIY mask for Ramadan.

Hi my lovelies, Ramadan is such a blessed time for muslims but at the same time it can be very challenging. As we fast from sunrise to sunset without any food or water. Immediately our skin suffers!! And dehydrated skin is not the most pleasant…. Our skin becomes dull, sallow even feels rough and it came be hard to achieve that beautiful glowy, hydrated look…. but here is my favourite DIY mask that will make your skin feel so much better !!!


1/2 Avocado πŸ₯‘
1 tablespoon of yogurt
1 tablespoon of honey (organic)

Mix the ingredients in a bowl and apply to the face using your finger. Leave it 10-15 minutes and then rinse your face with luke warm water. Apply your favourite moisturiser and breathe life back into your dull, dehydrated complexion.